My experience with Boulder Vitality’s cleanse product

I was so tired of feeling foggy, sluggish and bloated.  My skin was dry and lacking the healthy glow I used to have. I was feeling heavy and in a funk. I had tried fasts and cleanses before, but with my busy life – they were overwhelming, messy, involved and usually required some harsh deprivation and/or diet. Or I’d forget to follow the instructions exactly and they wouldn’t work. Or I would have to pack several things to take with me to work or on a trip. And making sure I was near a bathroom constantly – they things were inconvenient and difficult to fit into my hectic life. Yet I really needed and wanted relief of the issues I was having. I also had read enough information about health to know how toxins can build up in my body simply by living in our world, no matter how healthy a person eats or tries to avoid chemicals in products.

Friends of mine had recommended this cleanse and I have to admit that I was skeptical.  It seemed like another “quick fix” that would only be temporary or worse, I’d spend money on yet another product that wouldn’t work and get that familiar feeling of feeling ripped off and frustrated.  But I had reached a point that my status quo was intolerable and I didn’t feel good, so I decided to trust my friends and give it a try.

I am very happy to say that friends steered me in the right direction! This cleanse was incredibly easy – I didn’t have to buy a huge “bestseller” book to study, no radical diet to adhere to, no extreme deprivation, buying special foods, and I detoxed at night while I slept! It was a no-brainer and it actually worked!  It truly is “the world’s easiest cleanse”.

I love it so much that I’m thinking about buying it for holiday gifts. It might seem like an interesting gift, but the fact that detoxing is so important to everyone in our toxic world, and that this product really works, makes it worthwhile to me to share it with my loved ones.

I downloaded the book online and it was incredibly concise, easy to follow and understand – short and sweet directions that led me to realize measurable results!  The book also gives some great recommendations for certain foods that lead to greater success, but nothing that wasn’t easy to do for the average person, if they chose (another advantage – you a choice in what you want to eat). On top of that, it includes delicious, easy recipes if you enjoy cooking. In addition, there’s even a section about combining various food types together for an even greater outcome.



After downloading the book, I received my tablets and took one at bedtime last night.  I am not feeling much today.  I took another tablet before bed tonight. (I would put something it about fatigue – normal when detoxing – your call).


This morning I am feeling comfortable.  I had a larger than average bowel movement and I had the feeling that it was starting to work.  I took another tablet before bed tonight.


I had another larger than average b/m.  I feel comfortable, but also that my body is responding.  To my surprise, I had another b/m later in the afternoon. I didn’t feel any running urges and am definitely feeling a difference.  I took another tablet before bed tonight.


This morning I had another substantial b/m.  I am undeniably feeling a difference – much lighter and that my body is cleaning itself.  Again, another b/m this afternoon.  It feels fantastic having regularity – haven’t felt this in many years. I am feeling lighter and not bloated.

Lisa T, San Diego, CA