Infinite Beauty Club Testimonials

My daughter gave me the BellaVei line of skin care products as a birthday gift and I can’t get over how much I am enjoying them and how my skin feels. My face feels quenched and moisturized. I had given up on finding a moisturizer that lasted throughout the day, the ones I used just soaked in and my skin was dry again. It got annoying to have to reapply creams, yet the BellaVei Anti-Aging Moisturizer, combined with their Anti-Wrinkle Complex makes my face feel wonderful all day. Also included in my package was their Face Cleanser and Eye Serum.

The Face Cleanser is very light and soothing. I use in the morning, again at night and after exercise or gardening if needed. I really like that it has organic aloe vera and tea tree essential oil extract, which gives it a pleasant, invigorating feel. It is not drying at all, which is important since I like to keep my pores clean. I have had trouble with blackheads and other products I’ve tried were very drying, so I’ve been hesitant to use them to repeatedly clean my face. After I cleanse with the BellaVei cleanser, my skin feels fresh and moist. I’ve even forgotten to put the moisturizer on a few times after just using the cleanser, but I know my skin needs it!

The Anti-Aging Moisturizer is light, isn’t greasy and has a very light scent. I have seen a significant enhancement of my skin, which is very nice. My skin feels healthy, hydrated and protected. Since I have been using this moisturizer for the last month – with or without make-up – my skin is looking much firmer, my fine lines less noticeable and my pores much smaller. I love this cream!

Before I use the moisturizer, I apply a light coat of the Anti-Wrinkle Complex for added moisture and protection. I’ve seen a big difference in my wrinkles and fine lines. My skin feels tighter and I like that it has organic ingredients, essential oils and Shea Butter. This just adds to the benefits of the moisturizer.

The last step I do is to apply the Advanced Eye Treatment under and around my eyes. It has definitely make the skin around my eyes feel firmer and plumper, so my lines and wrinkles are smoother and less obvious.

What I love about these products is that it doesn’t take much of them to make use of their benefits. They are not even expensive – and I have spent an enormous amount on skin care. These products are an easy, affordable way for me to take care of my skin and feel beautiful!

-Suzanne F.,  San Diego, CA